Attention Phoenix Down!
We are now affiliated with the Persona Compendium RP, a masterlist for the Shin Megami Tensei series and the Persona series. 
This means they are welcome in Moogletown and welcome to participate in our events, and we invite, no, we encourage you to interact with the wonderful roleplayers of this community! If you would like to join their masterlist, feel free- however they have their own set of rules, and Phoenix Down rules do not apply to them. If you have any questions, feel free to ask one of the mods.
So let’s have a warm welcome for our first affiliate, The Persona Compendium RP!

We would like to announce our first affiliate, The Phoenix Down Masterlist!
This means roleplayers from PCM are welcome to interact with those from PD, and are invited to the events that are held in either masterlists! Welcome warmly those who wish to interact with us, and we warn the Final Fantasy roleplayers that the Velvet Room will soon be available.
Their rules are similar to ours, but please be aware that they may have a few differences so take a glimpse over at their page.
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「Persona Compendium Masterlist」

We’d like to announce that the Persona Compendium Masterlist is now open and looking for roleplayers (As well as a few co-mods) to join our brand new community. We welcome all kinds of roleplayers, from any Shin Megami Tensei/Persona game! 
Take a look at our rules, our masterlist and make a reservation today!

We would like to state that activity will be commencing soon, we are simply waiting on a few more applications.

By no means does this mean hold back from roleplaying early, we ask that every member begin to mingle with one another and grow comfortable. Remember also that the Persona Compendium is a new group, and the rules will not be enforced as strictly as others. This group is simply a group for a fun and safe times with other Persona roleplayers.